Coaches Training

This is place to find coaches training recordings and resources, from key concepts, to our back catalogue of coaches catch-up sessions and frequently asked questions.



Frequently Asked Questions​

Click on the link in the calendar appointment for the session. you may need to scroll down to find it! The virtual meeting room opens 10 minutes prior to the session commencing.

You don't need a Zoom Pro account or to be the host to enter the meeting or share your screen. 

The BDC Team set up all the calendar appointments, zoom links and attendance reminders. 

If there needs to be any changes, please let us know in advance so that we can make the necessary alterations. 

While we try to minimise any disruptions to the cluster fortnightly rhythm, we anticipate that there will be a couple of sessions each year that are cancelled due to illness, leave or a clash with significant event.


If a session needs to be cancelled, please makes sure both the BDC Team and the cluster members know.


When the attendance reminder arrives, mark as "Meeting not held" and write a note in the comments box as to the reason it was cancelled (e.g. coach on leave/ church team at denominational event etc)

Your BDC coach is always available for you to run things past or discuss any particular challenges that you are having within your cluster. Please feel free to contact them whenever you need.

Cluster sessions run every 2 weeks from the first week of February until mid-December.


One session is also missed during the months of May and November, when the bi-annual intensives are held. The session missed will correspond to the week of or adjacent to the teams state intensive date. This should be reflected in the calendar appointments.

We would expect there to be approximately 15-17 sessions per year

Every 3 months we add in a section to the attendance form for you to enter the participant milestone data for your clusters. 
As part of the BDC Sessional Coach role you will be required to submit participant milestone data every 3 months. This measures the number of participants in each of your clusters that has achieved each of the milestones.
Please note these milestones are not linear and may be achieved over varying amounts of time.
  • Praying for POP
  • Identified a POP
  • Reading the Bible with a pre-Christian
  • Coaching their own cluster

That's fantastic! Starting their own second generation cluster is a key way of embedding the concepts and practices further into the church.

If you feel that they have had the key paradigm shifts and are actively putting it into practice, then they can begin to coach others in their church - they do not need to be finished the 2 years with BDC!

You can provide them with the core coaching tools in the BDC Coaching Toolkit pdf to use and the sharing of the experience, learns and challenges from the process within the initial cluster group is invaluable in helping to build a long term, sustainable culture of multiplying discipleship.